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Your Legal Career: Finding Success and Satisfaction in the Legal Career

New Audio Series Helps Lawyers Manage Their Careers,
Make Better Career Moves and Develop People Skills

So you're thinking about becoming a lawyer someday? Or perhaps you're already in law school and can't decide whether you want to be a courtroom lawyer, a corporate lawyer, or a small town solo practitioner? Or perhaps you're a practicing lawyer unhappy with your present job -- should you change firms, practices, geographic locations or all three? Or maybe the problem with your legal career is the law itself, and it's time to get out while the getting's good?

Managing your legal career and making the right career moves at the right times has just gotten easier . . . much easier.

Your Legal Career: Finding Success and Satisfaction in the Legal Profession, a four hour audiocassette program by Cliff Ennico (ISBN 0-9632835-2-9) describes with brutal honesty what being a lawyer is all about, and tells pre-law students, law students and young lawyers what it takes to succeed in the legal profession and beat the competition for the best, most satisfying legal jobs. Legal career expert Cliff Ennico, author of the best seller The Legal Job Interview: Winning the Law-Related Job in Today's Market and co-host of the popular PBS television series Money Hunt, takes you step by step through each stage of the career management process in an entertaining, fast-paced presentation recorded live before a law and pre-law student audience. Stressing the importance of finding the right career "fit" before one begins looking for a legal job.

Your Legal Career discusses:

  • how to find the right legal specialty in a crowded market;
  • whether your best "fit" is a law firm, corporation or government agency;
  • whether your personality is a good "fit" for a legal career;
  • how to prepare your resume for best results;
  • what to say in a cover letter (and what not to say);
  • how to interview for a legal job;
  • how to answer the most common interview questions;
  • what to do once you get a legal job;
  • how to plan your career for maximum success and satisfaction;
  • how to determine when it's time to leave the law;
  • how to make the transition to a nonlegal career.

Your Legal Career is priced at $29.95, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Connecticut residents please add 6% state sales tax. To order, call 203-254-1727 or click here for order form.

                   MANAGING YOUR LEGAL CAREER:

                         By Cliff Ennico

                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

Cassette One, Side One:
     One Lawyer's Career Story
Cassette One, Side Two:
     The Importance of a Good "Fit"
     Finding the Right Practice Specialty
     Finding the Right Legal Environment (Law Firm vs. Corporation vs. Government
     Finding the Right Size Employer (Small, Large or Midsized)
Cassette Two, Side One:
     Planning a Strategy for Finding a Legal Job
     Researching Prospective Employers
     How to Network, How Not to Network
Cassette Two, Side Two:
     Preparing the Perfect Resume for a Legal Job
     Cover Letters
     Guerrilla Strategies for a "Bulk Mailing" Campaign
Cassette Three, Side One:
     Interviewing for a Legal Job
     Sizing Up the Interviewer(s)
     Preparing for the Interview
     Dress, Mannerisms, and Other "Externals"
     What to Say, What Not to Say
     The Secret to Success in a Legal Job Interview
Cassette Three, Side Two:
     Answers to the Trickiest Legal Interview Questions
     How to Ask the Right Questions
     Handling the "Adversary" Interview
     Thank-You Letters: When to Send Them, When to Hold Back
Cassette Four, Side One:
     Succeeding and Getting Ahead as a Lawyer
     How to Make Partner in a Law Firm
     Surviving as an In-House Corporate Lawyer
     How to Succeed as a Lawyer in a Government Agency
Cassette Four, Side Two:
     How to Conduct Yourself Day by Day in a Legal Job
     Making the Transition from a Legal Job to a Non-Legal Job
     When It's Time to Leave the Law Altogether
     The Three-Step Path to Success in Any Career

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