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Information on the Legal Job Interview: Winning the Law Related Job in Today's Market

From: Biennix Corporation Contact: Cliff Ennico
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New Career Resources for Lawyers
Explains How to Interview for a Legal Job

Biennix Corporation is pleased to announce the release of The Legal Job Interview: Winning the Law-Related Job in Today's Market by Clifford R. Ennico (ISBN 0-9632835-5-3).

With law firms, government agencies and corporate legal departments shedding surplus lawyers by the tens of thousands, the law schools churning out thousands of new graduates every year, highly trained and competent lawyers are truly a "dime a dozen". Legal jobs are more scarce than ever before, with fewer and fewer employers looking to hire lawyers. As a result, the pressure to succeed in each legal job interview that comes your way has never been greater, and interviewing skills and tactics will become more and more critical to career success in the law.

Inside The Legal Job Interview, you will learn:

  • Invaluable tips on sizing up your interviewer(s);
  • How to prepare for the legal job interview in little or no time;
  • What to say to yourself immediately before the interview begins;
  • How to conduct yourself during the interview (including the author's personal
  • secret to interviewing success);
  • How to handle the most common interview questions;
  • How to finish the interview;
  • How to keep the interview going even after it is finished;
  • How to succeed in a luncheon or dinner interview;
  • How to maintain your polished "interview image" long after you have won the legal job you want.

The Legal Job Interview is priced at $17.95, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. To order, call 1-888-BIENNIX (243-6649). Connecticut residents please add 6% state sales tax.

Clifford R. Ennico, a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Law, is a business lawyer who specializes in the legal problems of entrepreneurs and investors in privately held companies. A veteran of two prominent Wall Street law firms, the legal department of a Fortune 50 corporation, and four successful job changes in which he perfected the interviewing methods described in The Legal Job Interview. Mr. Ennico is the editor of Corporate Practice Handbook, the New York State Bar Association's guide for corporate lawyers, and the author of several books on small business law and legal career management.

                     THE LEGAL JOB INTERVIEW:
                      By Clifford R. Ennico
                        Table of Contents
Chapter 1:     Introduction: The Subtle Art of Being Interviewed
     A.   The Changing Legal Job Market
     B.   The Growing Need for Lawyers to Develop "People Skills"
     C.   A War Story, or, How I Learned That Legal Interviews Are Different
     D.   What This Book is All About
     E.   Two Short Digressions
Chapter 2:     The Legal Job Interviewer: Who He Is, What He Does, What He Wants to
     A.   Knowing Your "Adversary"
     B.   The Interviewer is a Lawyer, Not a Professional Interviewer
     C.   The Interviewer's Job: It Isn't What You Think
     D.   The Interviewer's Biggest Concern in Life
     E.   What the Interviewer Wants to Know
Chapter 3:     Before the Legal Job Interview
     A.   The Importance of Knowing What You Want
     B.   Doing Your Homework
     C.   Sizing Up The Potential Employer
     D.   Sizing Up the Interviewer
Chapter 4:     How to Conduct Yourself in a Legal Job Interview
     A.   Introduction: How Not to Conduct a Legal Job Interview
     B.   Your Mindset As You Walk in the Door
     C.   Your Professional Appearance
     D.   The Key Rule for Success in a Legal Job Interview
     E.   The Importance of Being "Laid Back"
     F.   Asking the Right Questions
     G.   Handling the Interviewer's Questions
     H.   Dealing with "Negative" Questions
     I.   Handling the Awkward Silence
     J.   Closing the Interview
     K.   Following Up
Chapter 5:     Some Special Rules for the Luncheon, Cocktail or Dinner Interview
     A.   It's Not Just a Social Occasion
     B.   Don't Relax
     C.   Developing Social Skills
     D.   The Importance of Correct Behavior
Chapter 6:     Negotiating the "Tangibles"
     A.   What Are "Tangibles"
     B.   "I Want", not, "Can I Have"
     C.   "You Can Only Get a Bargain on Something You Don't Really Want"
     D.   Noncash "Tangibles" Are Easier to Negotiate Than Cash "Tangibles"
     E.   Do Your Homework and Know What is Gettable
     F.   Remember That You Are Still Interviewing
Chapter 7:     Strategies for Answering Some Commonly Asked Interview Questions
     A.   Why Did You Decide to Become a Lawyer?
     B.   What Sorts of Courses Have You Enjoyed the Most in Law School?
     C.   Why Are You Looking to Join a [Big Firm] [Small Firm] [Corporation]
     D.   Why Do You Want to Make a Change at This Point in Your Career?
     E.   Why Do You Want to Come to [Name of City or Town]?
     F.   What Will Your Current Boss Say When We Ask for a Reference?
     G.   Where Do You Want to Be Five (or Ten) Years from Now?
     H.   Do You Have Any Hobbies or Outside Interests?
     I.   How Would You Describe Your Strengths?
     J.   What Do You Consider to be Your Most Serious Weaknesses?
     K.   Here's a Situation I'm Working On Right Now in the Office: What Would You Do
          if You Were in my Shoes?
Chapter 8:     A Final Thought: The Good Interviewer Never Stops Interviewing


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