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Information on the Business Lawyer's Handbook

A Leading Career Guide for Corporate Lawyers

Business Lawyer's Handbook: What Business Lawyers Do (ISBN 0-87632-824-9) provides a realistic introduction to the life and work of the business lawyer. The Handbook describes the principal day-to-day tasks of business lawyers and offers helpful advice for succeeding as a business lawyer in turbulent times.

Chapters include:

  • monitoring a client's legal environment;
  • counseling on specific aspects of law that affect a client's business;
  • managing and negotiating important business transactions;
  • drafting documents and "getting deals done";
  • dealing with government agencies;
  • resolving thorny ethical issues that are peculiar to the business lawyer's environment;
  • successfully negotiating the business lawyer's career path;
  • surviving "law office politics" and making partner in a law firm;
  • making the transition from private practice to in-house corporate counsel (and vice versa); and
  • the three steps to success in any legal career.

The American Institute for Law Training in the Office (AILTO) described the Handbook as "an excellent training tool" which "stands out from among the many works on lawyering skills ... Mr. Ennico's easy-to-read style and his focus on corporate counseling skills makes this book a must buy' for law firms and corporate legal departments . . . " .

Business Lawyer's Handbook is available for $49.95 a copy, plus $3.00 shipping/handling. Connecticut residents please add 6% state sales tax. To order, call 203-254-1727 or click here for order form.


By Clifford R. Ennico

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  Monitoring the Client's Environment

Chapter 3:  The Client Counseling Process

Chapter 4:  Managing Business Transactions

Chapter 5:  The Business Lawyer as Negotiator

Chapter 6:  Keeping the Client Organized: The Special Role of the Business
	     Lawyer as Corporate Secretary

Chapter 7:  The Business Lawyer's Dealings with Government Agencies and Their

Chapter 8:  Some Ethical Aspects of the Business Lawyer's Job

Chapter 9:  The Changing Career Path for Business Lawyers

Chapter 10: From Private Practice to Corporate Legal Department: Making the

Chapter 11: Surviving "Office Politics" and Getting Ahead in Your Legal

Chapter 12: Three Steps to Success in Business Lawyering
             Bibliography Index


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